Folk U: Fear & COVID 19

A supplemental article to the Folk U Friday podcast, originally published on Cortes

By Hayley Newell, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Yesterday I spoke briefly on Cortes Radio on the topic of fear and what we can do about it during this pandemic. 

The first thing I want to share: Your feelings of fear are completely valid. We are facing a huge unknown. How long will this last? What Impact will it have on my livelihood? Will I get sick? The list goes on. 

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Ways To Reduce COVID-19’s Impact

ScienceDirect recently published a research paper by Paul Stamets and six scientists, from the University of Arizona and the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, called “Integrative Considerations During The COVID-19 Pandemic.” Though written in scientific terms, there is enough plain english words to make it understandable for lay people. For example: the key word in the phrase “liquiritigenin from Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice)”is, of course, ‘licorice.’ Stamets and his colleagues listed a number of ways to reduce COVID-19’s impact.  

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Folk U: INterviews Dr Maureen Williams

Originally Published on Cortes

On March 27th the first live, call-in Folk U Friday radio show featured naturopathic doctor Maureen Williams with call-in contributions from clinical counsellor Hayley Newell. We also learned how to make our own Alder Bark tincture with Yulia Kochubievsky and got gardening advice thanks to Whitney Vanderleest. 

Maureen Williams and Hayley Newell and Yulia Kochubievsky  wrote up their advice. Here is part one:

Neighbours can Boost Your Immune Function At Home! – by Maureen Williams ND

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How Is Hollyhock Coping?

According to CEO Peter Wrinch, “Hollyhock exists to create, curate, and host inspiring, meaningful experiences that provide both the inner and outer skills for personal growth and social transformation.” During peak season (July/August), the non-profit educational centre employs close to 10% of Cortes Island’s adult population. Hollyhock had a record year in 2019 and, expecting to repeat the experience, put together an ambitious slate of programs for the April 14 to October 24 season. Then the COVID-19 crises reached our area. Now the tentative opening date has been pushed back to the beginning of June, at the earliest. About 40 Cortes Island residents who had expected to be employed, are now sitting at home. How is Hollyhock coping? 

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