The ECOreport was launched, as an international news website, in December 2013. The website was given a more local focus and registered the domain name ‘Cortes Currents’ on February 27, 2019.

Cortes Currents on CKTZ 89.5 FM radio

On July 8, 2014, The ECOreport was a weekly radio program on CKTZ 89.5 FM from July 8, 2014 until Aug 19, 2020.

Cortes Currents switched to daily radio broadcasts on Monday, Aug 24, 2020. Since then, Cortes Currents primary focus has been radio.

As there is no reliable data available, all attempts to gauge the reach of the Cortes Currents radio arm are guesstimates. Based on the number of people who keep returning to the website, I suspect 700 people may listen to the radio program at least twice a month. Some undoubtedly return to listen every day of the week.


Cortes Currents uses two podcast channels.

We do not have any analytics on our Apple Podcasts. One of our followers through that system said he watches the titles as they come in and then decides which episodes to listen to. This explains the wild variations observable in the number of plays on SoundCloud.

We use SoundCloud to make the podcasts which are embedded into posts. In addition, 145 people follow the Cortes Currents page on SoundCloud. There have been 36,536 plays as of Nov 8, 2022.

Where are our viewers coming from?

*Totals for Quathiaski Cove, Heriot Bay, Powell River and Comox

SoundCloud also provides a glimpse into where our podcast listeners are coming from. The #1 location is ‘Mansons Landing,’ which probably represents anywhere on Cortes Island. Almost a third of our podcast listeners are from our broadcast area.

Google Analytics was reinstalled on Cortes on Jan 5, 2022. Prior to that I used a mixture of other systems.

*Google Analytics does not recognize Cortes Island, Quadra Island or many of the other rural areas within Greater Campbell River. I assume they are under ‘not set.’ Campbell River, Comox and Powell River are also in our listening area. This suggests 25.82% of our web visitors, which is close to the 24.44% from SoundCloud (which recognizes Mansons Landing, Heriot Bay and Quathiaski Cove).

How many visitors are we getting?

While there have been fewer viewers since Cortes Currents became a local news website, I suspect it has more of an impact.

Aside from July 2021, when the website had a post that essentially ‘went viral’ on the local level, the number of returning (i.e. core viewers) rose from 569/mo in 2021 to 656/mo in 2022. I suspect these are largely people who are also in our broadcast area.

There was also an increase in the number of times people click on links to Cortes Currents in 2022.

Cortes Currents may have a combined monthly web/radio/podcast audience of about 1,000 – 1,200 people in the Greater Campbell River/Discovery Islands area.

Here is the web data:

*There is no data for 4 days during October, but 3,959 people visited Cortes Currents during the remaining 27 days of the month. So there were probably more than 4,000 for the month – calculated Oct 31, 2022
Unfortunately, I only recently started watching ‘web impressions’ and ‘clicks,’ and did not preserve many of the older reports from the Google Search Console Team.

One of the unexpected consequences of focusing on local radio news may be a drop in web overall viewership. However I suspect our local footprint is growing.

Top 5 articles published since 2020

Top 5 articles originally published in 2019:

The ECOreport’s reach was primarily obtained through reposts on larger websites and carried reposts as well. However the third ‘biggest’ post below was exclusive to this website.

Top 5 published Dec 2013 – Dec 2018:

Top image: Feature image for German Forest by Bartosz Makara via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

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