Comparative Analysis Of Cambridge, Hornby & Cortes MOdels Of Local Governance

A lot of Cortesians were talking about local governance earlier this year. My colleague De Clarke wrote that more than 40 people were at the public meeting held in Mansons Hall. I submitted the attached comparative analysis of Cambridge, Hornby & Cortes local governance models to a subsequent research committee meeting on February 22, 2020. 

What CCEDA Is Up To

The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) allots Cortes Island a budget of $25,000 to be dispersed among the island’s non profit sector. Up until this year, the Regional Director has accepted applications and passed them on to the SRD Board with a recommendation as to how the money should be divided. At the April 28th virtual … Continue reading What CCEDA Is Up To

Organizing A Collective Response To COVID-19

At the first virtual Community Conference, Cortes Island organizations and businesses described their preparations for the impending COVID 19 pandemic. The process of reporting continued into the second conference, where callers also discussed off-island travel. At the third, on March 27, 2020, callers were divided into ten break out groups as Cortes organises a collective … Continue reading Organizing A Collective Response To COVID-19

CSIL: Choice In Supports For Independent Living

“Many of you may be aware of or have used VIHA’s home support services program, but not so many are aware that they have other choices when you require more assistance with daily living. Home support services provide a home care which we pay for according to our income. This service, though staffed by excellent … Continue reading CSIL: Choice In Supports For Independent Living