Two forest defenders embrace, as police look on

A message of truth and reconciliation from Fairy Creek

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The direct action to protect what some call the last intact old growth ecosystem in southern Vancouver Island, at Fairy Creek, began 420 days ago.  Now the RCMP have left and a couple of Truth and Reconciliation Day messages have been sent from Fairy Creek: 

Image credit: A defender stands at the site of Red Dress, a memorial for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Children– Photo courtesy Fairy Creek Blockade Facebook page

The most recent RCMP press release, from the Lake Cowichan detachment, was posted on Monday September 27th. It starts out by saying, “Police enforcement of the BC Supreme Court injunction order in the Fairy Creek Watershed area continued ….” and mentions 1,101 arrests.

It has been three days since Justice Douglas Thompson denied Teal Jones request to extend the injunction at Fairy Creek , stating, ”It goes without saying that unlawful measures imposed by those given authority to enforce the Court’s order does no credit to the rule of law or the Court’s reputation, especially when those measures trench on civil liberties in a substantial way.”

RCMP dismantling their camp – Photo courtesy Fairy Creek Blockade Facebook page

One of the new images on the Fairy Creek Blockade Facebook page  shows three RCMP officers dismantling their camp, while a group of land defenders watch from behind a barrier.

Most of the pictures are jubilant. People are embracing. They pose for a group photo. Some carry a large red banner that says, “RCMP the world is watching you.” There is also a sign proclaiming “Tree Protection Area Keep Out.” 

Invitation to Saturday’s sit-in – Photo courtesy Fairy Creek Blockade Facebook page

A 24-hour sit-in starts tomorrow, Saturday, October 2nd, at the Fairy Creek Headquarters. The invitation states, “Unite with Elder Bill Jones and friends for song, ceremony and words of wisdom rooted in connection to the earth.”  

The friends are indigenous elders from the surrounding territories. 

“Everyone attending these gatherings has learned from the Elders’ stories of the ancestral peoples of these lands; what they endured through this colonial systems agenda. The Elders are coming in protection of the land, to speak for the land, and teach us of the original systems of Indigenous Governance.” 

Top image credit: A moment after the injunction ended Photo courtesy Fairy Creek Blockade Facebook page

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