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A new gathering space for qathet’s Northsiders

Originally published on qathet Living

By Jesse Firempong

In 2023, the Northside Community Recreation Centre could get a new lease on life. Plans are afoot to expand the centre by 6,920 square feet of multi-use space, including a half-court gym/hall, stage, and accessible washrooms. 

The centre, which serves most of Area A, would also get a commercial kitchen and serve as an emergency reception area, should disaster strike. 

The proposal is backed by a $4.2 million grant from the federal and provincial governments, which the qathet Regional District (qRD) must decide to “match” with $1.1 million, to be borrowed from BC’s Municipal Finance Authority by April 2023 (a mortgage). 

In other words, the centre would cost us just a fraction of the true price tag. Public engagement on the plan begins this January. 
It’s an exciting proposition for Northsiders (qRD Area A, north of Wildwood). We’re a mixed rural population of seniors, young families and remote living, craving year-round connection space. Plus, qathet’s poverty reduction strategy shows that Area A reports fewer people “thriving” than much of the region. In a post-pandemic world where our social connections can’t be taken for granted, this new space to gather, hold events and run much-needed programs is a wise, multigenerational investment for the whole community. is the Lund Community Society website sharing information and inviting your opinion on how you might use this new space. 

10 key facts about the New Northside Community Recreation Centre Addition

  • Located in Lund serving all qathet Area A “Northsiders” (north of Wildwood) 
  • The qRD $1.1 million “mortgage” impacts property taxes for all Area A except Savary and Tishsoum (estimated $9 per $100,000 of property taxes, so $500,000 assessed home pays $45 a year.)
  • We must agree to the qRD funding by March 2023 to proceed. Detailed planning with full community engagement then follows. 
  • The qRD has secured a $4.2 million federal/provincial grant specifically for this project and expires in April, it cannot be used for other needs. So if we do not support the $1.1 million borrowing, the result is no Community Centre upgrades for many years. 
  • The current Old Lund School serves as the NCRC and requires these upgrades. 
  • The Lund Community Society (LCS) board and building committee encourages your support of this project and your consideration of how the new addition might serve us all. 
  • includes a page dedicated to the project under the NCRC tab, where you’ll find information and a survey link to share your thoughts, hopes, wishes, and concerns. 
  • The LCS has distributed information flyers to Area A mailboxes that accept unaddressed mail and you may have seen posters.
  • qRD outreach for the funding decision begins in January so work can begin by mid April 2023 to confirm the $4.2 million grant. 
  • Expected completion is approximately two years from now. 

Top image credit: the Lund Community Society is hoping Area A will vote to expand the Northside Community Recreation Centre – Photo courtesy of the Lund Community Society

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