SRD board’s decision to go public.

April 29th SRD Board Meeting: Decision To Go Public

The Strathcona Regional District is becoming more proficient at recording their meetings. Their second YouTube recording starts close to the very beginning of the meeting and is consequently twenty-one minutes longer. The most pertinent item at the April 29th meeting, for Cortes and Quadra residents, was the SRD board’s decision to go public. 

How The Decision To Go Public Was Made

At the last board meeting, on April 15th, Cortes Island Regional Director Noba Anderson gave a notice of motion that the recordings of the board’s virtual meetings be made available to the public. 

Chair Babchuk subsequently emailed the board that the audio and visual recording of the April 29th meeting will be public. 

“I am really glad that we found a way of doing that and, just for historical transparency, would love that this be made retroactive to the meeting we did two weeks ago,” said Anderson (5:12 in recording above).

“The audio and video will be provided as a link on our website as soon as staff has the ability to get it up … Anyone … who does not want their face out there has the ability to turn their video off. It is a courtesy of the board to make sure that everyone understands what the process is going to be. I do like your motion Director Anderson because we do have the audio and video of the last meeting as well … I would need direction from the board,” responded Chair Babchuk.

“I would be more than happy to have the motion I made [regarding the April 15th meeting] …, to have it just be audio, so as to decrease anybody’s concern about the video,” said Anderson.  

The motion carried with no opposition

Screenshot of video from April 29th meeting, clockwise starting at top: Campbell River Mayor Andy Adams; Chair Michele Babchuk; Director Claire Moglove; CAO David Leitch.

Items of interest in the Chair’s report

  • conference calls with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing will now be done bi-weekly.
  • a report regarding COVID-19 impacts on SRD finances and service levels is scheduled for the May 13, 2020 agenda.
SRD has an MOU with Cortes Radio for emergency broadcasting, but there are pockets of poor or no reception (blue in the map above) in CKTZ’s coverage of Campbell River and Quadra Island. SRD filled these gaps by acquiring Visitor Radio.

Acquisition of Visitor Radio 

The SRD purchased Visitor Radio, CFIY 93.1 FM, located at the Strathcona Gardens recreation facility,  for $1,500.

According to the report prepared by Shaun Koopman, Protective Services Co-ordinator, “The broadcast area covers most of Campbell River and a portion of the west side of Quadra Island. The station currently transmits public interest content, including generic pre-recorded tourism information, 24 hours a day.”

This compliments the northwestern coverage area of Cortes Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM, whose signal only reaches parts of Campbell River and is strongest on the east side of Quadra Island. 

Cortes Radio signed an MOU with the SRD, to “provide temporary usage of the station during emergencies,” on August 29, 2017.