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Roy L Hales - is the President of Cortes Currents and also the Cortes Radio Society, where he has had a radio program since 2014. He has had over 2,000 articles published, in print or web publications, since 1982. Close to 450 of these have been republished on Clean Technica. Roy Lives on Cortes Island. You can access his articles and podcasts on this website here.

Kitimat Residents saying No! to a Pipeline

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMA symbolic fight for British Columbia’s future is underway. A little town, with less than 10,000 people, is being given the choice denied to the rest of us. A plebiscite in which there will be some, possibly many, Kitimat Residents saying No! to a pipeline.
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Fighting for the Future of BC’s Fisheries

By Roy L Hales

As many as 70 million sockeye salmon  may return to the Fraser this year. These numbers have not been seen for decades and are quite a stark contrast to 1.6 million catch that sparked the Cohen commission a few years ago. That was when Dr Kristi Miller, head of Molecular Genetics at the Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s (DFO) Pacific Biological Station, testified that a  ‘viral signature’ of a disease  was contributing to as high as 90% pre-spawn mortality in returning Fraser sockeye. One of the reasons there is so much hope for this year, is the returning 2010 run were not infected. But, according to biologist Alexandra Morton, the real key to fighting for the future of BC’s fisheries is Dr Kristi Miller’s lab in Nanaimo.
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BC’s Farmers Concerned: Keep Your Hands of the ALR!

By Roy L Hales

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 3.43.47 PMConcerns about changes to the Agricultural Land Commission are growing. The Commission was established in 1972 and currently oversees 4.7 million ha of agricultural land, roughly 5% of BC.  A leaked cabinet document, from Agricultural Minister Pat Prim’s office, reveled plans to divide the ALR into northern and southern zones, with the Oil and Gas Commission taking authority over the northern zone.
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