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Awakeneers concert on Cortes Island ‘a homecoming’

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This Friday, Dec. 16th, the Awakeneers will play their first indoor concert on Cortes Island in nearly three years.

Four members of the ensemble — Robert McKenty, Erica Giannone, Francis McKenty and Immanuel McKenty — spoke about their long and storied history with this island’s community, the many channels where listeners can find their music including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, as well as why they make their recordings freely available for download through their website and proprietary app.

The other two members are Rose Giannone and Isa McKenty.

Robert, Erica, Frances and Immanuel during the CKTZ interview. Photo courtesy of the Awakeneers.

Many of the songs they are preparing for Friday’s show are brand new, including the two clips which can be heard in the interview.

Top image credit: The Awakeneers consist of a father and three sons as well as two sisters from another family. Photo courtesy of the Awakeneers.