Award Winning Environmental Documentary Showing At Quadra Community Centre

Emmanuel Cappellin’s award winning documentary “Once You Know” is showing at the Quadra Community Centre on Saturday December 16 at  7 pm. 

This film is the winner of at least seven awards including Earth’s Choice Award from the Earth Day Film Festival, Best Documentary from the Festival International du film d’éducation, and Grand Prize from the International Festival of Science Documentary Films at Prague.

Image credit: Screenshot for the trailer of ‘Once You Know’

To quote a couple of the reviews: 

“A triumph. With rare aesthetic taste, it delivers the facts about our accelerating climate chaos with an almost tender respect for those of us confronting the crisis. Unforgettable portraits of climate leaders in Bangladesh, France, and the US, help make our own choices clear. They leave me feeling inspired to lead a life that is relevant to this global movement.”

“A poetic journey into the teeth of collapse that leaves us with one question: how will I comport myself during this time?”

Bonnie Bronstein of Sierra Quadra explained, “We decided to present this film because it talks about what’s going to happen to humanity and it interviews experts who all point In the same direction, which is that we’re on a runaway train, and we really can’t stop it at this point. We need to start really thinking about civilization coming apart because we need to help people get through in the next few decades as much as possible.

Brownstein said Fern Kornelsen brought this film to the attention of the other Sierra Quadra leaders. 

“There are  similar films out there, but our feeling was that this one is particularly powerful and it really sticks with you.”

Cortes Currents: What is it about this film that makes it special?  

Bonnie Brownstein:  “The juxtaposition of the personal story of Emmanuel Cappellin, a number of the people he interviews in the film are associated in one way or another with the IPCC and they come from various parts of the world.”

These quotes are pulled from the film’s trailer. 

“Forty years ago, I presented a question: How can global society organize itself to provide a just, peaceful, equitable, decent living for its people? Forty years ago, it was still theoretically possible to slow things down, and now that’s no longer possible. It means that we are coming into a period of uncontrolled decline.”

“The result is going to be an immense human tragedy.” 

“We failed the now; we are now talking about tomorrow.”

Bonnie Brownstein: “The filmmaker, Emmanuel Cappellin, is a young Frenchman who lives in a small village in a mountainous area of France and there’s a lot about the community. It ends up saying that community,  community action and community democracy is super important.  That is why Sierra Quadra invited ICANN, the Island Climate Action Network, to join us for this evening.”

“It’s at the Quadra Community Centre on Saturday, December 16th. The doors open at 7:00, and the film starts at 7. 30, and as usual in Quadra events, there is a concession. We’re hoping that people won’t all leave immediately afterwards, and there will be time for discussion, and we’re hoping that it will encourage people to get involved in ICAN projects because they’re always looking for more people.”

Top image credit: Poster for the Quadra Island showing of Once You Know

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