Bicycles Once Again Triumphed In Vancouver’s Annual Rush Hour Challenge

By Roy L Hales

Bicycles have dominated Vancouver’s Rush Hour Challenge ever since the event began,  in 2009.  According to statistics from HUB Cycling, bikes came in first 73.3% of the time, while cars have been first 16% and transit 11% of the time. This year, bicycles once again triumphed in Vancouver’s Annual Rush Hour Challenge.[1. formerly known as Vancouver’s Share the Road Challenge]

Bicycles Once Again Triumphed In Vancouver’s Annual Rush Hour Challenge

Ten teams, composed of people using bikes, transit and cars, competed to see who could reach the finish line at London Drugs downtown. They came  from as far away as the City of New Westminster,  whose Councillor Patrick Johnstone pedalled across the finish line 26 minutes ahead of his car driving colleague –  because of a traffic jam! Bikes, or in one case an E-bike, finished first in six races. Three of the people using transit were also winners. The transit user and car tied in the last race .

“A lot of people still think that cars are the most convenient ways to get around cities. Speed is often cited as the reason they do not want to ride a bike or take transit, but in fact – especially during rush hour – transit and bikes are often much faster,” said Laura Jane, Director of Corporate Engagement and Events at HUB Cycling.

Not Just About Saving Time

One of the winning bike drivers – courtesy HUB Cycling

She added, “It’s not just about the time saving, like saving money and enjoyment and bikes often come on top for those as well.”

Glancing at the comments left by racers, the cyclists used terms like “enjoyable,” “fantastic” and “exhilarating” to describe their trip. Drivers were more likely to be more negative, with several referring to the stress.

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