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Campbell River’s plan to increase property taxes and cut services

In response to reduced revenues arising from the pandemic, the city of Campbell River plans to increase property taxes and either defer or cancel $1.5 million dollars worth of services

The current city council – courtesy city of Campbell River website
Map of the 32,986 ha. landbase and waterbase areas of Area B, which actually includes more islands than Cortes – courtesy the SRD.

Why this is important to us?

While this does not directly effect Cortes Island, Quadra Island, or the other Discovery Islands, we are in the Strathcona Regional District. 

Close to 80% of the SRD’s inhabitants live in Campbell River. 

Mayor Andy Adams, and city councillors Charlie CornfieldRon Kerr and Claire Moglove are all members of the Strathcona Regional District Board. So was former city councillor Michele Babchuk, who will resign after she is sworn in as our representative to the Provincial legislature.

Proposed property tax increases

City council wants to keep the tax increase to no more than $79 for the average Campbell River home, valued at $442,000.

This is less than the regular annual tax increase that Campbell River residents experienced in the years prior to 2014,  when Mayor Andy Adams was elected

Similar tax increases are being implemented in other communities throughout the province. 

Proposed service cuts

The proposed cuts include $356,300 from recreation programming, $165,600 from the Campbell River Airport’s payroll and $360,200 across many City departments.

This week’s Council decisions will be reviewed Nov. 30, when more detailed estimates on new construction values are available from BC Assessment. The budget will be adopted in December, and submitted to the Province before year-end. 

“While the cuts reflect difficult, but necessary decisions, this budget still provides for renewal and replacement of aging infrastructure and funding to support new initiatives. In 2021, there will be a stronger focus on downtown safety, economic development and new maintenance requirements for the Bike Skills Park and Robron Fieldhouse,” said Mayor Andy Adams.

Top photo credit: Campbell River as seen from the fisherman’s dock by Brandy Saturley via Flickr (CC BT SA, 2.0 License)

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3 thoughts on “Campbell River’s plan to increase property taxes and cut services”

  1. I notice on the SRD map of CR plus electoral areas that Area B, Cortes Island, reflects an area of 32.99 Ha, far less than its actual area. This is very misleading.

    1. Good catch. I just read that Cortes Island is about 25 kilometres (18 miles) long, 13 kilometers (8 miles) wide, and 13,000 hectares in area.

      1. The SRD just revised their map and sent me a copy. There is actually more than one island in Area B, which is 32,986 ha. of landbase and waterbase areas.

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