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Connecting Cortes Island to Lund and beyond

As of November 1st, a  new Water Taxi & Cargo Deliveries service will be connecting Lund to the government wharf at Cortes Bay, on Mondays and Fridays.  

The Finn Bay Marine Group’s headquarters, outside Lund – Photo courtesy Access Point Marine

“It will be a 25 minute boat ride across to Cortes Bay and we’re going to and from Cortes Bay twice a day. We’re offering 12 spots on a water taxi, with the option to bring cargo as well,” explained Kelli Turner, who owns the Finn Bay Group (soon to be renamed Access Point Marine Transportation). “That rate will include 85 pounds of cargo per each person.”

Should you wish to transport more cargo, the rate is $0.30 a pound. 

  • 09:15 Finn Bay to Cortes Bay 
  • 09:45 Cortes Bay to Finn Bay 
  • 4:15 Finn Bay to Cortes Bay 
  • 4:45 Cortes Bay to Finn Bay

Tickets are $35 for adults; $30 for children and seniors.

“We’re going to be giving a soft start to get it rolling throughout the winter on Mondays and Fridays and then go into six return trips a day starting in June,” said Turner.

The Finn Bay Group also plans to operate tours of Desolation Sound, in their new 40 person water taxi, during the summer of 2022.

Another view of the base – courtesy

Turner launched his company as “U Call We Haul Marine Services,” in North Vancouver, during in 2010. 

He relocated to Finn Bay, just outside Lund, two years ago. Since then, the Finn Bay Group  has been serving an area that stretches from Cortes Island south to Powell River and up Desolation Sound. Turner also mentioned trips to Campbell River. 

The trips to Cortes Island were charter runs, in which the water taxi was rented out for $300 per hour. Some of his regular customers were from the  Klahoose First Nation in Squirrel Cove. The water taxi services contractors working on Hernando Island. There have been a lot of passengers, contractors and supplies coming out of Gorge Harbour. During the past three months, the water taxi made 52 runs between Cortes  Island and Lund. It carried anywhere from 2 to 12 passengers on a trip. 

“We’ve also had the opportunity to get into Cortes Bay to drop off a lot of day trippers, as well as people looking to do biking programs throughout Quadra, Cortes and of course Campbell River,” said Turner. “We’ve had a lot of interest from customers and businesses on Cortes to open up that hub to the Sunshine Coast.” 

The Finn Bay Group’s decision to offer regular passenger service to Cortes arose out of their success with a similar service to and from Savary Island

Fishing charters in Lund & Desolation Sound – courtesy Access Point Marine

On Fridays, Turner also offers a shopping service in Powell River. 

“Everyone calls in and preorders in the stores and then we bring it out and deliver,” he explained. “A big hub for us is all the online shopping. We have everything from furniture to golf carts, ladders and equipment coming here with customers names on it.”

They have a large walk-in-fridge and almost as large walk-in-freezer, at Finn Bay, which holds food destined for restaurants, resorts and other customers within their service area.  

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