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Weekly Index: Jan 2-8, 2023

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The top 3 posts on Cortes Currents, during the week of Jan 2-8, in terms of volume were:

  1. About the Cortes Island Seniors Society
  2. Why the Cortes Island Academy is part of the Cortes Foundation
  3. The Klahoose Wilderness Resort’s first full Season (Dec 29, 2023)

This weeks posts:

Our Broadcast Area

(Stories about or mentioning: Cortes & Quadra Islands, Campbell River, qathet, Lund, Powell River)

  1. RLH – About the Cortes Island Seniors Society – Cortes Currents
  2. RLH – Why the Cortes Island Academy is a program of the Cortes Foundation – Cortes Currents
  3. RLH – How the Cortes Community Island Foundation hit the ground running – Cortes Currents
  4. GO – Local Ferry Advisory Committee welcomes increased ferry service this month – repost from CKTZ News
  5. MAG – Designing for Meaningful Human Connection –  Folk U 
  6. AA – Community choir leader reflects on over a decade of gathering in song – repost from CKTZ News
  7. RLH – What Quadra ICAN accomplished in 2022 – Cortes Currents
  8. SD – The old Lund Hall is hallowed ground; time for a new gathering place – (written version only) repost from qathet Living
  9. JF – A new gathering space for qathet’s Northsiders – (written version only) repost from qathet Living
  10. GO – New program underway on Quadra Island to help seniors cope with extreme weather – repost from CKTZ News
  11. PW – Wish you were here – (written version only) repost from qathet Living 

Regions Beyond

(Trends to watch, inspirations and challenges)

  1. NG – Photographer captures grain elevator images as they fade away on the prairies – (written version only) repost from Humbolt Journal
  2. RG – 1.5 Degrees Celsius – (written version only) The Quadra Project
  3. RB – Slugs and bugs are worth saving, too – (written version only) repost from Canada’s National Observer
  4. RB – From fish to forests, how 2022 played out on Canada’s West Coast – (written version only) Canada’s National Observer.

Top 3 podcasts of the week:

(From Cortes Currents and Folk U)

  1. About the Cortes Island Seniors Society – Cortes Currents, Jan 2, 2022
  2. Why the Cortes Academy is a program of the Cortes Foundation – Cortes Currents, Jan 4, 2022
  3. Designing for Meaningful Human Connection on FolkU @89.5FM

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  • Cortes Currents: CKTZ’s listening area – 26.23%; Gibsons, BC – 14.63%; Vancouver: 11.16%
  • SoundCloud: Columbus, Ohio – 35.09%; CKTZ’s listening area – 14.62%; Vancouver – 5.26%

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