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Cortes Island Community Resilience Investment Grant

The Strathcona Regional District was awarded a $65,000 Community Resiliency Investment grant for Cortes Island, so I asked SRD Protective services Coordinator Shaun Koopman what does Cortes Island get out of it?

Part of the money will be will be used to pay for a report on “the current structural capacity for wildfire response on Cortes Island.”

There is also funding for “fire entrapment avoidance and incident command system training” for the Cortes Island Fire Department.

The Regional District will provide a free wood chipping service to Cortes Islanders who wish to take advantage of it. When this service was offered before, 13 tons of wood debris were hauled off Cortes Island and 30 tons off Quadra Island.  

“Once those projects have been taken care of and I know how much we have left over to spend, we’ll be allowing neighbourhoods to put together more specific plans with the help of a certified FireSmart consultant,” said Koopman.

Top photo credit: A wood chipper by Reluskie via Wikipedia (Public Domain)

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