Editorial Policy

Editorial/Writing Team

Cortes Currents is selectively recruiting a team of writer/producers who can publish articles without prior approval of the Board.  Admission to this “staff writer” group is by invitation of, and at the discretion of, the Board. However, such “staff writer” articles are still subject to review and editing by senior editors, and to the general editorial policy as it appears below.

Three levels of contribution are recognised:

  1. Our staff writers may publish posts, film clips or audio clips directly.
  2. Guest posts/broadcasts or videos may be submitted either spontaneously or by invitation, for approval and publication by the editors.  Publication is not guaranteed in either case.
  3. Any reader may submit comments attached to individual posts.  Comments are subject to review and editorial approval, based on the general editorial policy as it appears below.

Editorial Policy

  1. While it is virtually impossible to tell the whole story of any issue within the confines of a single post, film or broadcast, Cortes Currents’ goal is to tell the story as clearly and truthfully as possible. Factual claims must be verifiable and verified, and opinions must be clearly identified as such.    
  2. Every film or audio clip must be accompanied by at least one large feature image and a post of +300 words which includes the title in the last line of the first paragraph.
  3. Published articles should conform to basic conventions of spelling and grammar, except where a specific stylistic or artistic effect is intended.  Cortes Currents reserves the right to make minor typographic and grammatical corrections to published articles without prior approval of the author, but only where such corrections do not alter the sense of the text.
  4. Anyone may submit articles, sound clips or video clips to Cortes Currents;  the editors reserve the right to publish or reject any submission, or to make publication contingent on proposed editorial changes.  The original author must approve any major editorial changes prior to publication.
  5. No article shall be published against the will of the original author.  Authors may withdraw articles at any time; but Cortes Currents reserves the right to publish the publication timeline, the fact of withdrawal, and a synopsis of withdrawn information.
  6. Authors must provide real names and valid contact information in order to be published.  No anonymous or pseudonymous posts or comments will be accepted for publication; should anonymous or pseudonymous articles or other media accidentally be published, they will be deleted, with a public record of the deletion and the reason.
  7. Cortes Currents explicitly rejects and will not approve any of the the following:
  • Posts that plagiarize the work of other authors;
  • Posts or comments containing unsubstantiated defamatory allegations;
  • Posts or comments containing substantial amounts of misinformation;
  • Posts or comments containing any legally recognised form of hate speech;
  • Posts or comments containing threats or incitement to violence;
  • Sexually explicit posts, images, or comments inappropriate for teen and younger readers.

Should such content by accident be published, it will be deleted and a record published of the deletion and the reason. The editors reserve the right to moderate comments received, and may expand this list of unacceptable submissions in response to evolving conditions.

Fact Checking, Retractions, Errata

  1. When factual assertions are found to be in error — which will inevitably occur — Cortes Currents will print a retraction as quickly as possible, attached to the original post.
  2. Cortes Currents reserves the right to fact-check all submissions, and to attach a list of factual errors to any published post.

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