Faster More Reliable internet

The Plan To Bring Faster More Reliable Internet

At the SRD open house in Mansons Hall, on November 5, the Senior Manager Strategic Initiatives, Victoria Smith, gave an update on the plan to bring faster, more reliable internet connection to coastal communities like ours. 

Victoria Smith, Senior Manager Strategic Initiatives, Strathcona Regional District

“So the last time I was on Cortes was June this year and since that time I am pleased that we have received the Federal contribution agreement signed back. That’s an important hurdle for us, in terms of moving into the tendering phase of this project. We still have to secure the remaining two agreements: the provincial agreement through Northern Development Initiative Trust as well as the Indigenous Services funding agreement. They should be forthcoming shortly.”

“Once we have all those agreements in place we will move to market tender … We will ask the market to look at our project and hopefully make a bid.”

“We are seeing a lot more funding come out from the Federal Government. I would encourage everyone to look at the federal connectivity strategy that was released this year with funding attached to it. “

“I think you are very lucky having Twincomm, here on the island, looking at some of those funding opportunities and how to approve the last mile here on the island.”

” … If we can move through procurement in the next two to three months … then the next big challenge will to be go through formal permitting and processes.”

They hope to start construction towards the end of 2020.

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