Folk U: Michael Keith returns to Live Music Fridays

Michael Keith played a beautiful set in the Village Commons tent on the afternoon of August 18th. The eighth concert in the Friday Market Live Music Series was well-attended and full of laughter. Playing an entirely improvised set, Michael entranced the audience with a wide variety of musical textures – made entirely through his guitar and pedals.

About halfway through the concert, he began to improvise an song about the Village Commons. He sang: “The Village Commons – not so common after all”.

Michael’s humour endeared the audience almost as much as his transportive music. When asked for a short artist biography, Michael pondered for a few days and then jokingly responded:

“Michael Keith was born in the winter of 1932 in Sleeping Bag Manitoba. Throughout the late 50s and 60s he perfected the art of time travel and is currently living as a baker during the Italian renaissance.”

Manda Aufochs Gillespie hosted the concert live on Folk U Radio. August 25th will be the ninth and last concert in the Friday Market Music Series.

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Top image credit: Michael Keith – submitted photo