Gorge Harbour Saturday Market

By Roy L Hales

Summer market season is upon us. Cortes Radio has been manning a booth at Mansons Friday Market for years, and this year is also at the Gorge Harbour Saturday Market. 

Visitors To Gorge Harbour Saturday Market

You can visit it any Saturday between 10 AM to 1 PM. 

Though supposedly smaller than its counterpart at Mansons, the Gorge market may appeal to a larger percentage of off-islanders. Some had boats tied up at  the Marina, or were staying in the campsite. Others said they lived in Campbell River. A significant number were Americans. This could be a significant opportunity for local venders.

Culinary Treats, Local Products & Tourism

The Gorge Harbour Saturday Market offers a variety of culinary treats, fine arts, crafts, artisan products and even an opportunity to explore the islands on board the schooner “Misty Isles.”  

In terms of sales, Cortes Radio’s booth did slightly better at the Gorge than Mansons – which might not be a fair comparison because it was raining on the 28th. So I asked a couple of the other vendors about their experience.

Everyday Ceramics

“I make everyday ceramics, that’s my hobby/job now. It’s all made on Cortes Island …  This is my fifth year … [Gorge Market] is a little bit slower than Friday market in Mansons, but I really like it because it is my local town. I really like it here.” – Yuri Ikoma

Gorge Harbour Saturday Market
All photos by Roy L Hales

Baked Goods, Savoury Snacks & Produce

This is the sole market for Carrie’s baked goods and savoury snacks. 

“I love it. It’s quiet but there are good people and enough people,” she said.

Q/ How long have you been coming here?

“I think this is the third season. I’m not sure, it might be the second one. They all sort of just run into each other.”

She added, “Right now it’s our primary income. I’m not working, so this is our full income. It’s really nice to sell here. Mostly I do the savoury stuff because there are a lot of baked goods vendors. I try to do something a little different.” 

Q/ You have to sell a lot baked goods for it to be your primary income.

“Yes, absolutely, but I do pretty well … We also get to sell some of our produce. We have a little farm and this is a great place to sell some of the extra stuff.” 

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