Green Candidate Sue Moen Talks Policy

By Roy L Hales

The Green party’s support has grown in the month since I met with Sue Moen at Heriot Bay. In Mainstreet Research’s most recent poll, 24% of the people watching the televised debate were leaning towards, or had decided upon, the Green party. Half of the viewers had a “favourable” opinion of Andrew Weaver and had an unfavourable opinion of the two other leaders. So what would it mean if the next government needs the green party’s support to stay in power? In the podcast below, Green candidate Sue Moen talks policy.

Listen to the first part of this interview here

Green Candidate Sue Moen Talks Policy

Screenshot from the post debate poll – Courtesy Mainstreet Research

The provincial Government’s so-called “balanced budgets” must come to an end. They were the product of creative accounting, not sound fiscal management. Thanks to Christy Clark’s reckless spending the province’s long-term debt has grown from $45 billion to nearly $70 billion.  (The debt is much higher if you include corporations like BC Hydro, which is now more than $18 billion in the red thanks to the BC Liberals.) This growing debt is being passed on to our grandchildren.

So how would her party fund the changes they want to see?

British Columbia has a huge revenue stream, we have  choices in where this money can be spent.

Climate Change Is Potentially Catastrophic

Courtesy the BC Green Party

“Climate change is potentially catastrophic, we are already the effects every day”

So why do we keep increasing the fossil fuel infrastructure that causes this? Why not promote the clean jobs that take us into a more sustainable future? The Green party is calling for rapid decarbonization. We need to harness the sun, wind, and geothermal. We need to transition to a cleaner transportation sector.

More Options For The Middle Class

Moen also talks about:

  • the province’s housing crises;
  • working with municipalities to cut through red tape;
  • changing regulations to give more access to different options for lower middle class
  • investing in education

Listen to the first part of this interview here.

Top Photo Credit: Sunset at Campbell River courtesy Cruiser Girl via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)