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Guy Dauncey’s Solutions for a Changing Planet

By Roy L Hales

Guy Dauncey is the founder of the BC Sustainable Energy Association. He is also the author or co-author of ten books, including the Climate Challenge: 101 Solutions to Global Warming and most recently Journey to the Future: A Better World Is Possible. I recently visited Ladysmith to discuss Guy Dauncey’s solutions for a changing planet

Guy Dauncey’s Solutions for a Changing Planet

In the podcast above, Guy Dauncey discusses topics like:

  •  How did he become an eco-futurist?
  • The need to move towards 100% renewables now.
  • Founding the BC Sustainable Energy Association.

To 100% Renewables

Guy Dauncey’s home, close to Ladysmith, BC – Roy L Hales photo

Dauncey used the metaphor of Churchill’s Government during the bleak days of 1940 to show how we will get to 100% renewables. Churchill saw only one acceptable outcome to the war, NAZI Germany’s unconditional surrender. Similarly, we know how to get to 75% renewables.  Going forward, much in the same way Churchill entered Berlin, we will find the way.

Examples of progress:

  • Electric buses;
  • By 2020-2025 we will have EVs with a 400 kilometre range for the same price as gas cars;
  • Holland will ban the sale of gas cars by 2025;
  • Tesla’s fully electric semi trailer;
  • passive homes,
  • electric railways;
  • organic farming;
  • sustainable forestry;
  • humanity can solve 15% of the problem by going vegetarian.

You Are Either Determined Or Defeated

Journey To The Future

Question: If there is a 40 year gap between the actions we take today and their consequences manifesting in the climate, will we still have time to change by the time everyone wakes up to the peril?

Dauncey says that people watching a Canuck’s game can afford to be pessimistic – but this in not an option for players. You are either determined or defeated.

Click here to access the second part of this interview 

Top Photo Credit: Guy Dauncey at his computer – Roy L Hales photo

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