Launch of Cortes Currents

Cortes Currents is a web platform and a radio program asking what’s current on Cortes and beyond?

Mission Statement:  

  • To provide the residents of the Cortes Island area with topical local news coverage produced to professional standards, including fact-checking and archiving.  
  • To present all sides of controversial issues without influence from advertisers or private owners.  
  • To promote and practise a civil, well-informed public discourse on current events and issues affecting the island.  
  • To promote writing, research, and critical thinking skills among island youth.
  • To record and preserve the history of Cortes Island for future generations.

Current Publications:

  • Written articles & podcasts for the web platform Cortes Currents (
  • The radio program now called Cortes Currents, which is broadcast on Cortes Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM:  
    • (some) Saturdays at 1 PM,
    • Tuesdays at 5 PM,
    • and Wednesdays at 9 AM.

The Web Platform

This website was formerly an environmental news platform called the ECOreport. It was given a more local focus and registered under the domain name Cortes Currents on February 27, 2019.

The Founders Group:

The founders group held their first meeting on March 15, 2019. They consist of:

  • Roy L Hales (Secretary/President, Editor)
  • De Clarke – (Treasurer, Editor)
  • Barry Glickman (Director)
  • Howie Roman (Director)

Roy L Hales – (ph) 250-935-6328, email

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