From where I stand

Listening In: From Where I Stand

In a special episode of Listening In, Maria reads from former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould‘s book From Where I Stand.

Photo of Jody Wilson-Raybould by Erich Saide via Wikipedia (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

” … In this powerful book, drawn from Wilson-Raybould’s speeches and other writings, she urges all Canadians – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – to build upon the momentum already gained in the reconciliation process or risk hard-won progress being lost. The choice is stark: support Indigenous-led initiatives for Nation rebuilding or continue to allow governments to just “manage the problem.” She also argues that true reconciliation will never occur unless governments transcend barriers enshrined in the Indian Act that continue to deny Indigenous Peoples their rights. Until then, we’ll be stuck in the status quo – mired in conflicts and court cases that do nothing to improve people’s lives or heal the country.”

“The good news is that Indigenous Nations already have the solutions. But now is the time to act and build a shared postcolonial future based on the foundations of trust, cooperation, recognition, and good governance. Frank and impassioned, this book charts a course forward – one that will not only empower Indigenous Peoples but strengthen the well-being of Canada and all Canadians.”

“From Where I Stand is indispensable reading for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the reconciliation process to know what they can do to make a difference — ranging from engaged citizens, leaders, and policy-makers to students, educators, and academics, and to lawyers and consultants.” – UBC Books


Quadra Island’s Willow sings “Water is Life” at the open and close.

Amid the rocky beaches and gentle waves of Quadra Island BC, four women joined voices and hearts – and Willow was born.

In various constellations, Willow has created and played music that reflects the ever-changing landscape of their home island, since 2013. A love for vocal harmonies drives the backbone of their repertoire, complemented by an ever-growing array of folk instruments – as basic as a guitar, bass, and uke, to surprising their listeners with sounds as diverse as mandolin, balalaika, and banjo. Yet, it is their blended harmonies that capture the attention and the heart of the audience. The purity, beauty and strength of the feminine spirit are an ever present quality felt as much as heard.

The 4 members of Willow – Andrea Blaseckie, Maureen Fox, Trinity Gogolin and Noelle Maffin – come from varied backgrounds and musical experience – and this diversity is reflected in the wide-range of genres they bring to their highly engaging performances. From the sounds of Appalachia ringing through gospel and bluegrass tunes to the smokey haze of Blues and Jazz. There is never a dull moment as Willow moves from Reggae and Samba influenced numbers into haunting Eastern European sounds.

” After listening to Willow and their spine tingling vocals you will want to stop catch your breath and have a glass or wine and a cigarette”
Reid King – Pier Street Market

“Willow are a Quadra Island vocal group that mixes old world and folk styles with popular songs, string instruments, and gorgeous harmonies.” – Rex Weyler, Cortes Love Fest

Listening In

Francesca Gesualdi

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“My radio show Listening In is my way of carrying on the rich oral tradition of using the breath to animate* the written word off the page and into the air, in our case into the airwaves, and into the omniscient ear of the Universe. Because the Universe is always listening in. Myself and my special guests will be reading brief sample passages of books written by BC authors, published listed by our smaller presses, with notable exceptions to that rule. So we invite you to stick an ear out and listen in. After all, in all probity, reading is a small political act.” – Francesca Gesualdi

Francesca is a resident of Quadra Island, by way of Italy, Montreal, California and Hawaii. She is member and treasurer of the BC Federation of Writers,, and has been a contributor to both Cortes Radio and Cortes Currents. Listening in is broadcast on Cortes Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM.