Local COVID data from the BC Centre for Disease Control

There has been little data about COVID’s impact within specific communities. Dr. Bonnie Henry says, “The risk of this virus is everywhere in British Columbia. Everywhere in Canada.” Rumours sometimes filled in the information gap. Some Cortes residents may have heard talk of a confirmed case within their midst towards the end of August. Last week the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) released local COVID data that shows this was highly unlikely.

Local COVID data for Campbell River Area

Screenshot of cumulative cases: January to July31, 2020 (link expired)- BC Centre for disease control

The cumulative number of confirmed cases in the Campbell River Health area, which includes Cortes, Quadra and the rest of the Discovery islands, did not change between July 31st (above) and August 31st (below).

More cases were reported to the south, from the Comox Valley to Victoria.

These maps are updated monthly.

Local COVID data for North Vancouver Island

BCCDC’s maps for North Vancouver Island (which includes Campbell River, the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island West and Vancouver Island North) are released weekly.

These show a total of six new cases were reported on North Vancouver Island and the adjacent islands between August and 24th.

The map on the left also shows 14 cases reported in the two weeks ending on September 10th. A Surveillance Report released that same day states there were only 8 “currently active cases” on Vancouver Island. So it is very likely that at least one of those North Vancouver Island patients had already recovered. No Vancouver Island residents were hospitalized or in critical care at that time.

Three more cases were reported between September 11th and 24th. Once again, the number of “currently active cases” was much less than those reported.

New cases reported between August 28th and September 10th (left) and September 11th to 24th – Courtesy BCCDC website

Another map shows the cumulative number of confirmed cases since the outbreak began.

The one on the left shows that as of September 3rd, there were 64 in North Island. This number grew to 68 as of last Thursday.

Maps showing the cumulative totals in North, Central and South Vancouver Island on September 3rd, 10th and 24th.

COVID Data for Vancouver Island

The British Columbia COVID-19 Dashboard displayed at the top of this page gives the COVID data for all Vancouver Island, as of Friday, Sept 25th. There have been a total of 204 confirmed cases to date. Twenty-five of these people have been hospitalized, but there was no one in hospital when this data was collected. Five people died, another 192 recovered and there were still 7 active cases on the island.

The numbers are rising much faster in the rest of the province and there are 1,349 active cases in BC.

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