Mansons Friday market reopeened

Mansons Friday Market Reopened

Mansons Friday Market reopened today: May 29th, 2020. A notice in the Tideline mentioned “inside and outside food vendors.” 

3D Printing PLA plastics and cosmetics at Nora Disney’s booth – Roy L Hales photo

On the drive to downtown Mansons, I encountered Nora Disney’s roadside stand. There was hand made jewelry, soaps, 3D printing PLA plastics, eggs and much more. If Mansons is not able to open its doors to non-food items, she suggested that vendors set up stalls along the road. Her preference, of course, was to be in the hall ‘where all the people are.’ 

Though it is getting ahead of the story, Mark Christian says that recent provincial legislation should make this possible.  

Loni Taylor reaching out for one of the plants that sold – Roy L Hales photo

My first impression of the Market itself came from the Women’s Centre booth in the parking lot. Loni Taylor, who manned it, would later tell me ‘there were lots of sales.’ (I witnessed one of them.) 

The very last loaf of bread at Barb Buffington’s booth – Roy L Hales photo

This was to become a familiar theme at all three of the booths inside the hall. I arrived half an hour after the market opened. There was only one loaf of bread left at Barb Buffington’s bakery booth. All of Dale Thomas’ sushi rolls and black bean brownies were gone. Norm Gibbons told me the sales of his fermented products ‘were great,’ until I asked how they compared to last year.

Most of the goodies had disappeared from Dale Thomas’ booth and the table was looking pretty sparse, when I arrived half an hour after opening – Roy L Hales photo

The procession inside was dance-like. The Southern Cortes Community Association (SCCA) was out in force, directing the one way flow of traffic.  Strips of masking tape, laid out at six foot intervals, marked the route. I doesy doed with SCCA President Myrha Kerr as the line shifted over, to let Hall manager Mary Lavelle enter the building.

“Everything is working perfectly, everyone is happy,” remarked Mark Christian. 

Which was true!

They plan to increase the number of booths permitted inside the hall during market day to five.

“It’s nice to get out and we all love the Friday Market,” said Cali Waddell.

People being let into the hall at safe intervals. My flash lighted up the brim of Mark Christian’s hat, as he was directing traffic – Roy L Hales photo.