Mark Vonesch

Mark Vonesch running as candidate for Cortes Island director in upcoming municipal election

By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from

Mark Vonesch has spent the last 17 years engaged in various organizations, both professionally and as a volunteer on Cortes Island and now, he wants to represent the community as a director on the board of the Strathcona Regional District. He’s thrown his hat into the ring to run in the next municipal election set for Oct. 15.

Vonesch sees housing as the number one issue facing all communities, including Cortes island. He believes solutions are possible in both the short and long term to mitigate the housing crises. He says the key is in bringing people together to discuss potential solutions, whether they agree with each other or not.

He’s launched the website to help generate dialogue and for voters to learn more about him.

So far, Vonesch is the only declared candidate running to represent Cortes Island in the upcoming election.

Top image credit: Cortes Island’s Mark Vonesch. Photo by Greg Osoba.