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Needed vehicle hauling and tire repair service launched on Cortes Island

By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from

Up until a few weeks ago, for Cortes Islanders needing to remove dead vehicles, or get ones in need of repair to a mechanic, it meant a trip to neighboring Quadra Island, or to Campbell River on Vancouver Island, or, hiring someone providing those services to come to Cortes. The same went for getting a tire repaired, but not anymore.

Jesse Bignall has launched Big Tows Towing, a new company providing those services. The name is a play on his surname. He says demand has been steady so far and he’s glad to save Cortes Islanders an all day trip off the island.

So far, Bignall has only put the word out on the local community website, The Tideline, but hopes to eventually launch his own website. He’s doing everything by the book when it comes to safety and being insured.

Top photo credit: Jesse Bignall, owner/operator of Big Tows Towing. Photo by Greg Osoba.