The big tent on the Village Commons

New outdoor venue is now available for public bookings on Cortes Island

By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from

The “Village Commons” in the Mansons Landing area of rural Cortes Island can now be booked for public events via The Tideline, community website.

The Cortes Community Economic Development Association overseas the outdoor venue and has raised funds over the past couple of years to clear the site, bring in electricity, and, recently, erect a shelter.

Association Board Chair Colin Funk is excited for the project to be entering a new phase of public engagement. He says a recent consultation process revealed a desire for the space to be accessible to all ages for different kinds of gatherings. From meetings and celebrations, to arts performances and installations.

Funk adds that the association is making efforts to make the property available to a broad range of community organizations. He sees a great future in how the space can be utilized to realize its potential.

Top image credit: A newly erected shelter adorns the middle of the “Village Commons” in the Mansons Landing area of Cortes Island. Photo by Greg Osoba.