black newt on a yellow background

Newts – a 20 year celebration of Cortes Island’s most celebrated salamander

It has been twenty years since George Sirk, then the island’s Regional Director, put up Cortes Island’s first Newt crossing signs. More recent arrivals probably know him better as the host of  Cortes Radio’s ‘Nature Boy.’ In today’s program he talks about the island’s most celebrated salamander.

Photo by George Sirk

While highly informative, George is also probably Cortes Island’s most outrageous stand up comedians. Forget reading this post, listen to the podcast to learn:

  • How George Sirk became ‘Nature Boy’
  • Why you don’t want to eat a Newt
  • the story behind Cortes Island’s Newt x-ing signs
  • New scientific research on regeneration in Newts 
  • and much more
Newt x-ing sign – courtesy George Sirk

And – after a two year sabbatical – George promises he will soon be bringing Nature Boy back to the airwaves.

Top photo credit: The original template for Cortes Island’s Newt x-ing signs, made by Christian Gronau in September 2001

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