Norm Facey on his sailboat, Dreamcatcher

Election 2020: Norm Facey, the BC Liberal candidate for North Island

I asked Norm Facey, the BC Liberal candidate for North Island riding, “Why are you running for office?” 

Why are you running for office? 

Norm Facey: “I’ve always admired good government and the strength that it takes to do that. There is a strength of personality, integrity and the intelligence to pull it all together. So I’ve always had an interest.” 

“On top of that, we are in incredibly challenging times and I see a need for strong, calm leadership.”

“I think Canada and the US are blessed with a political structure that many around the world envy and I want to make sure that that stays at the very high level that it is.”

“We talk about  corruption in our government, [but] it’s just trivial compared to other nations. That’s important to me.”

“I have to admit the final little impetus is being called into an election at this point in time. We didn’t need an election. We weren’t supposed to have an election and  it’s not for the people it’s for benefit of a particular party. 

“I think that needs to be challenged, so I am here for the challenge.” 

Why should I vote for you?

Norm Facey: “I bring a great range of ability, training and experience.”

“People tend to focus on the fact I have an engineering degree, I’ve been trained in business and I have been Executive Vice President for different companies over the past few years. 

“ … My father was a faller. He had a massive injury and had to reinvent himself. He became a log scaler and then a very successful businessman in a small business realm – a log sorting realm.  

That’s where I grew up. I grew up underneath sawmills. I dug ditches and I worked on the booms, in the sorting ground. That’s where my basis comes from and I tend to associate with middle businesses and, particularly in the North Island, want to see people do well … and communities grow strong. 

That’s where I am putting my energies and I think I have that blend of abilities and experience to help it come true. I think I’m a great candidate.”

What’s the biggest issue for this election?

Norm Facey: “It’s COVID related. 

“It isn’t COVID itself, because I think we have had great health leadership. Dr Henry is superb and I know that no matter who comes in, she is going to be supported and that is going to continue.”

“ … The challenge is the economics that is going to come home fairly quickly.  We’ve had too many people off business, off work. The bills are building and we must address that. 

“I’m not saying we’re going to run in and balance the budget – because we’re not. We are going to run in and take care of people. We’re going to make sure that services are extended. We’re going to reduce costs. We are going to make sure that people come first and we get a recovery that includes everybody, not just a few. 

“That is the main challenge and it is complex. It has so many facets to it, but that is the crux. We have to take care of the economy and the people together. So that five years down the road, we are where we want to be. We’re building. We are prosperous, happy, not still digging our way out.”

Correction: I initially wrote that Norm Facey was defeated by the NDP incumbent, Claire Trevena, in 2013. I have been informed that it was his son, also named Norm, who ran in 2013.

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Top photo credit: Norm Facey on board Dreamcatcher – a boat he built and sailed around the world. submitted photo

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  1. I have been interested in politics all my life and volunteered for different parties. I have voted for Peter S. in the federal elections because I voted for the person, not necessarily the Party. I think I have voted Liberal more often than not. I do like the Green Party as well but for this election I will be voting for you.

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