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Old Schoolhouse Gallery reopening next month

The Old Schoolhouse Gallery reopening, on Cortes Island, will be next month

“Right now we’re just trying to put together a small, but potent and exciting, art experience for the rest of the summer. Everything I am going to tell you is tentative, we’ve only started with the planning, trying to get things going again. So we are anticipating a members show in late July, beginning on (Thursday) July 22nd, said Kristen Schofield Sweet, one of the gallery’s directors.

Image from ‘What Matter’s Most’ by Richard Trueman

Last Year’s Exhibit: What Matters Most

Schofield-Sweet said that because of COVID, the gallery only had one exhibit last year. “What Matters Most” ran from 2:00 to 6:00 PM, Thursdays to Sundays, September 10th to 20th, 2020.

“It was brilliant. I’m not so sure that the community itself ever got thanked clearly for really stepping up. Everybody had a great time. Nobody crowded in. Everybody wore a mask. Lots of people enjoyed sitting out in the tent in front, kind of supervising the experience,” explained Schofield-Sweet. 

From ‘What Matter’s Most’ by Richard Trueman

The 2021 Season

This gave the Board confidence when it came to planning a short season this year. 

“I think that we’ve learned to self monitor and take care of each other quite brilliantly. So even though it will still be within some relaxed COVID protocols – more than 5 people, you decide whether to wear a mask (depending on whether or not they are still required) – this time the Board’s conversation was really quite lovely. There was this great sense of trust. ‘Oh well. we all know what to do,” said Schofield-Sweet. 

 They are planning four exhibitions, during a season that will run from July 22nd to September 12th, 2021.

From ‘What Matter’s Most’ by Richard Trueman

Members Show: July 22-Aug 1, 2021

The Gallery will be open Thursdays to Sundays, 2 -6 PM

Anyone wishing to participate is reminded to join the Gallery or Renew their membership, as only members can participate. 

You can put up to two pieces of art in the show.

Checks can be sent as an e-transfer to the

Schofield-Sweet pointed out, “ this is probably the most mistake ridden email ever because people put ‘Old’ Schoolhouse in front of it, but the email address is ‘school house are gallery’ – no ‘old.’

Artists are asked to mail confirmations – as to whether or not they will participate – by July 8, 2021. 

There will not be an opening reception. Food and alcohol, a normal component of pre-COVID receptions, will not be served.

Image from ‘What Matter’s Most’ by Richard Trueman

Remainder of 2021 Season

“We have invited three other solo shows to make a small season this year, but none of that is confirmed. So I am not using any names or anything,” said Schofield-Sweet. 

She added, “So the 2021 season will be short, but hopefully sweet and powerful. We are asking folk=s who haven’t been involved in the gallery before to participate. Email myself at if you want more information about how you might participate: hanging a show; learning how to receive work; sit the gallery, There is lots of things to do.” 

There will be an all members and artists meeting in September.  

Image from ‘What Matter’s Most’ by Richard Trueman

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Top image Credit: The Old Schoolhouse gallery by Richard Trueman

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