Only two new cases

only two new cases in North Vancouver Island last week

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Though the numbers are still rising, there are still fewer deaths and and hospitalizations in the second wave of COVID 19. There were 968 cases reported in British Columbia last week. The majority were in the Fraser and North Coast Health Regions.  Vancouver Island continues to report the lowest numbers in the province and there were only two new cases in North Vancouver Island last week.

Photo credit: Quadra Island by Pierre Mariotta via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

New Cases on Vancouver Island

 Comparing weekly maps released by the BC Centre for Disease Control yesterday and a week before, we find:

  • Two new cases in North Vancouver Island
  • eight in Central Vancouver Island
  • and six in Southern Vancouver Island 

New Cases in the Campbell River Health Area

CHEK News reported two cases at Carihi Secondary School, in Campbell River, last week. 

These may be among the four that the BC Centre for Disease Control reported in the North Vancouver Island since October 1st.

The last data specific to the Campbell River Health Region, which includes Cortes, Quadra and the rest of the Discovery Islands, was released on September 30th – at which point there had been no new cases since at least July – if not earlier. 

The most likely source of infection

The Thursday, October 15th report adds that, “The most likely source of infection remains contact with a local case or cluster, with a large proportion of recent cases still pending exposure information.”

There are no COVID patients in the hospital or critical care anywhere on Vancouver island. 

Top photo credit: Carihi Secondary School in Campbell River – courtesy Google maps

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