Imagining a Beautiful Green Vancouver

Editor’s note: All photos were taken from Guy Dauncey’s slideshow: Imagining a Beautiful Green Future: Vancouver 2032 – which is now online

Guy Dauncey is imagining a beautiful green Vancouver that uses 100% renewable energy, housing is affordable, people live more in harmony with nature – and much more. His vision for the city involves a shift in the way society operates and, he says, “it is already happening.”

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A Mature Forest Ecosystem

Originally published on the Cortes Tideline (2014)

I believe that most of us now realize that a mature forest ecosystem is a complex community of interconnected, interdependent organisms demonstrably capable of developing, expanding and sustaining itself. To appreciate this, we only have to consider the forests that existed in much of North America and, more specifically, on our Pacific Coast, when we Europeans arrived. 

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Preparing for the Carbon Bubble

Business as usual is no longer a viable option for the fossil fuel industry. At the present rate of consumption, the world is heading towards a 6°C rise in global temperatures. Fossil fuel companies are exposing their investors to financial and climate risk. These were among the many topics discussed as Mark Campanale, of the London-based Carbon Tracker Initiative, explained how we should be preparing for the carbon bubble.

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Riverside Energy Systems Shows BC’s Solar Potential

By Roy L Hales

According to Dave Egles’ study, the Potential for Solar Power in British Columbia: 2007 to 2025, BC’s climate is much more amenable to solar than either Germany’s or Japan’s. The average production of a PV solar array in Kamloops, for example, is 1160 kWh/kW of PV installed. Even Vancouver (1009) has much more solar potential than Tokyo (885) or Berlin (only 848).  One of our readers has provided more recent data that shows the last two figures are probably too low (see comments, below), but it is obvious BC has a great deal of untapped potential.

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