smoke and flames rising out of a second growth forest

Quadra Island seniors being urged to prepare homes to cope with forest fires

By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from

Though it’s early spring, seniors on Quadra Island are being urged to act now to prepare their homes for possible forest fires in BC.

Mike Gladish, coordinator of the local Seniors Emergency Preparedness Program, says that once the weather warms up the risk of forest fires increases.

He advises seniors and the general population to adopt measures recommended in the FireSmart BC Homeowners Guide. These include clearing roofs and gutters of forest debris, sweeping decks and removing nearby trees that pose a fire risk.

Gladish says seniors can register with the Quadra Seniors Emergency Preparedness Program and receive help for contacting and hiring volunteers and contractors who are able to assist with fire mitigation measures. He adds that some financial help is also available courtesy of a $25,000 fund created by the United Way.

Top image credit: Trees catch fire in a forest. Image courtesy of YIvers on Pixabay.