Looking from Suitl Channel towards Quadra Island

RCMP incident report for the week ending on Sunday April 10th

Ever wonder how many and what kinds of incidents the the Quadra RCMP, which also serves Cortes and Read Islands, deals with in a week?

Cst. Rebekah Draht emailed an incident report for the week ending on Sunday April 10th.

The RCMP detachment on Quadra Island – courtesy Google Maps

The only locations specifically mentioned in her report were on Quadra Island (population about 2,500), which is 10 minutes from the city of Campbell River by ferry.

Cortes Island has half that number of people and is a 40 minute ferry trip away.

The 2016 census lists 66 people on Read Island, which is only accessible by boat or seaplane.

There were no major incidents. Police responded to four calls and conducted checks of vehicles on land and water. Some warnings were given, but no arrests made and the only unresolved situation was an unclaimed paddleboard. 

Areas mentioned in incident report – adapted from Google maps by Roy L Hales

On Monday April 4th, a male customer at the Heriot Bay Pub, on Quadra Island, refused to pay his tab. He then passed out and did not respond when staff attempted to waken him. The RCMP were en-route when they received word that the man was awake, had paid his tab and departed with a sober friend. 

On Tuesday April 6th, the RCMP were asked to make a well being check. The man’s brother explained that he was having some mental health issues. Upon arrival at the male’s last known location, police were advised that he has moved to another town.  

On April 8th, a SUP paddle board washed up near the Topcliffe Road area of Quadra Island. There was no serial number and the paddle board remains unclaimed.

That evening Quadra RCMP conducted a roadblock on Friday, April 8th. Numerous vehicles were checked and three warnings given. The officers were happy to report that all drivers were sober.

During a patrol of Open Bay and Drew Harbour, on Saturday April 9th, RCMP stopped a fishing boat which was not registered in the occupants name. The owner of the boat was given a CSA violation notice and informed that this offence could incur a $288 fine. The owner said he would register his boat right away.

On Sunday April 10th, Quadra RCMP received a report of an abandoned 911 from multiple locations. The phone was traced to a bicycle, whose owner said the multiple dials were accidental. The cyclist was very apologetic, but thankful for the officers quick response.

Top photo credit: Looking from Sutil Channel towards Quadra Island – Photo by Dale Simonson via Flickr (CC BY SA, by 2.0 License)

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