Recent study shows concerns about road safety on Cortes Island

By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from

The Cortes Island Active Transportation Planning Project Study was recently conducted by the Strathcona Regional District (SRD), via a $20,000 grant from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, and the results are in.

Cortes Islanders were canvassed on methods of transportation, road safety and trail networks. SRD Manager of Planning and Parks Meredith Starkey says the findings come as no surprise: residents are concerned about vehicle speeds, narrow roadways and inadequate road shoulders. About 120 residents took part in the study.

Collecting the data was useful, she adds, as it now allows the SRD to apply for infrastructure grants from the BC Ministry of Transportation to address road safety concerns. If successful, up to $500,000 could become available to carry out road improvements.

Starkey also says the desired infrastructure enhancements will be added into Cortes Island’s Official Community Plan, or OCP, next year.