Refuge Cove General Store

Refuge Cove General Store Reopening

The Refuge Cove general store should soon be reopening. 

This is the Desolation Sound’s only grocery store in a deep-water harbour and is normally open from June until September

According to the website, “During the summer, the store is well stocked with block and cube (best on the coast) ice, groceries, marine hardware, souvenirs, local books, fuel, tackle, and ice cream novelties and cones!”

The associated fuel dock serves customers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, through-out the winter months.

Lucy Robertson emailed Cortes Currents that the store was impacted by the pandemic last summer, “We did notice a downturn in sales and traffic as a fair number of our customers are from the USA. It was a quieter summer in Refuge Cove as a number of families who have second homes here were not able to make the trip.” 

“I did have the impression that there was an increase in the number of new Canadian boaters last summer and that people were spending more time out on the water in general. Many customers were making an extra effort to resupply locally and support the smaller places. We also had a lot of support in the form of kind words and deeds from our local community and from visitors.”

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