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SRD recommends Eli Mckenty be appointed ‘Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner’ for Cortes Island

British Columbia’s British Columbia’s Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) is the Provincial government office tasked with providing support to BC’s fire services through fire investigation, collecting statistics, fire prevention and establishing standards for fire service training. It is based in Saanichton and operates through numerous Local Assistants. At the request of the Cortes Island Fire Department, the Strathcona Regional District Board is recommending that Fire Chief Eli McKenty be appointed Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner for Cortes Island.

Eli McKenty, Chief of the Cortes Island Fire Department – submitted photo

This matter came up at the Board’s May 10 meeting. 

Chief Administrative Officer David Leitch explained, “It traditionally has to be someone in the local area. Cortes is clearly an island, it wouldn’t make sense for anyone off island. Historically that assistant has been the Fire Chief. There is an interim Fire Chief there right now, and they’re requesting that person be appointed as the local area Fire Commission.”

Mark Vonesch, Regional Director for Cortes Island, said, “I would like to move that the Regional District recommend to the office of the Fire commissioner, that the Fire Chief Elijah McKenty be appointed as the Local Assistant to the fire commissioner for Cortes Island.” 

Regional Director John Rice seconded the motion, which carried with no opposing votes.

Top image credit: Exterior view of the building housing the Office of the Fire Commissioner (Block A – Suite 200, 2261 Keating Cross Road
Saanichton, B.C.) – courtesy Google maps

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