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Election 2020: The Wet’suwet’en conflict

This program was funded by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and the Government of Canada’s Local Journalism Initiative

This past winter/spring – the conflict between Coastal Gaslink pipeline the BC government and the Wetsuweten Nation resulted in nation-wide solidarity actions and mass protest. The issue was not resolved and protest was quieted by the pandemic.

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Election 2020: 10 Indigenous candidates running

(The 10 indigenous candidates from left to right are, top row: Earl Einarson, Adam Sumexheltza, Ellis Ross, Melanie Mark, Roy Jones Jr. Bottom row: Anna Thomas, Gordon Sebastian, Anne Marie Sam, Nicole Halbauer, Adam Olsen).

the Discourse, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

On Oct. 24, B.C. will elect 87 members of the legislative assembly (MLAs). This comes after current Premier John Horgan called a snap election, leaving many to make quick decisions as to whether or not they would run. IndigiNews reviewed all of the candidates running and determined that there are 10 indigenous candidates participating in this provincial election.  Here’s what we know about them: 

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Election 2020: Candidates on Vancouver Island

While none of the other candidates in our riding (North Island) are known as of yet, Michele Babchuk is the NDP candidate. (Cortes Currents will interview her later this week). The NDP have held this riding since 2005 and obtained 47.54% of the vote in 2017. Babchuk’s most serious opposition will most likely come from the Liberal candidate (35.57%), though it is also noteworthy that 14.75% of the electorate went Green in 2017. 338Canada describes North Island as an “NDP safe” seat. Here are some of the other candidates on Vancouver Island and guesstimates of their chances. 

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Two Nanaimo Men On A Hunger Strike For BC’s Old Growth Forests

Robert Fuller and James Darling are on the second day of a hunger strike. The 61-year-old former BC Forest service employee/ treeplanter/ sawmill worker and 35-year old musician had just returned from their Nanaimo MLA’s constituency office when I phoned them. Around ten people were with them, waving signs. Fuller remarked that if the response from people walking or driving by is any indication, as much as 98% of the public may want to see BC’s old growth forests preserved.

Around 10 demonstrators joined them in front of Sheila Malcomson’s constituency office – Dan Tkachuk photo
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Greens Lead On Vancouver Island

By Roy L Hales

P.J. Fournier is a political analyst for CTV Montreal and CJAD 800, as well a contubutor to Maclean’s and L’actualité magazines. After a “certain degree of success” predicting the outcomes of the 2018 provincial elections in Ontario and Quebec, he turned his attention to the national scene. On his website, 338Canada, Fournier gives weekly projections for each of Canada’s 338 ridings. His most recent projection shows the Greens leading in four Vancouver Island ridings, and closely trailing in the other three. The Greens lead on Vancouver Island.

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