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How Quadra Island Mobilized To Solve A Seniors Housing Crises

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative via CP Newsroom

Quadra Island resident Derik Kidd is grateful his small community has strived for years to create a new seniors village so that he and other elderly residents can remain on the rock they call home.

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Quadra Island’s New Senior Residence: Construction Starts Next Week

The prefabricated modules for Quadra Island’s largest ever community-driven building project were barged over from Middle Point barge terminal, north of Campbell River, last week. There are 22 of them waiting on the building site at 688 Harper Road. Construction starts next week.

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Vessels of Concern: Signs of the Times

The grounding of “March Wind” in January prompted Roy Hales to write a story about boats adrift. I’d like to dig (or dive?) a little deeper under that story and consider some of the factors that have led to the increasing number of derelict and dilapidated boats on the BC Coast.

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Reality 101: Overshoot

The podcast and article that follow expresses opinions not necessarily shared by the Cortes Radio Society, its board, staff, volunteers or membership.

Editor’s note: Reality 101 with Rex Weyler was one of the lunchtime lectures at Cortes Island’s Folk University. This session was recorded and broadcast over Cortes Radio in the regular Cortes Currents slot on November 6, 2019. The theme is overshoot, and what this means to the future of humanity and our planet. Rex also writes about overshoot in the article below; the embedded podcast is Rex’s Folk U presentation.

I’m in Vancouver, riding the skytrain, the metro-region’s elevated and underground public transport system. In a crowded cabin, I gaze above the seats and see this advertisement: 

“By 2050 sea levels have risen. Would you rather: 

  • A: Build higher dikes to fight it?
  • B: Develop underwater transit technology to embrace it?
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NDP Candidate Rachel Blaney

A dedicated YouTube channel testifies to some of the questions she raised during Question Period in the House of Commons. Prior to becoming our member of parliament in 2015, Rachel was the Executive Director of Campbell River’s Immigrant Welcome Centre. Her husband, Derek Blaney, is a former Chief and council member of the Homalco First Nation. In the second of my interviews with the candidates, I skyped with NDP candidate Rachel Blaney.

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