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Fish and Watersheds

In recent weeks, Hyacinthe Creek – one of a handful of  salmon bearing streams on Quadra Island – has experienced a few salmon swimming up its waters. Their arrival has not been an easy journey!

Life for all adult salmon, for millennia, has been a series of survival challenges. Depending upon the species, life cycles range from 2 years (Pinks) to 7 years (Chinook). For new born salmon referred to as fry, making it from their Coastal and or Interior BC birth streams to salt water can require many weeks to months of learning what to eat, while being swept over waterfalls to then crash through rapids for many more kilometers downstream. 

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Cermaq Canada responds to study about climate change threat to salmon farms

A new UBC study suggests that Global warming could significantly reduce the extent that salmon can be farmed off the West Coast of British Columbia. The study’s lead author,  Muhammed Oyinlola said that up to 84% of the area currently suitable for fish farming could be lost. We need to act now: either move fish farms on land or further out to sea. Cermaq Canada responds to this and some related issues. 

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Island Seafood Processors Coping With COVID

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Island seafood processors on B.C.’s Pacific coast say they are working to adapt to rapidly shifting market demands and heightened safety protocols, but some companies are taking a bigger hit from COVID-19 than others.

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Alexandra Morton on Salmon Farms


Alexandra Morton followed a pod of resident Orcas up the coast of Vancouver Island in 1984. She found the ideal base for further studies at Echo Bay. When the first fish farms moved into the area three years later, she thought they were a good idea. Since then, she has becomes the foremost opponent of British Columbia’s fish farms. I recently interviewed Alexandrea Morton on fish farms.

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