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The Great Grizzlies Go Home

North Island Gazette, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

When two grizzly bears island-hopped across the Johnston Strait to Alert Bay in 2016, the community was transfixed — and afraid. Children were kept inside while conservation officers set traps. Within a week the bears were captured and relocated back to their territory in the Great Bear Rainforest. Judy Hilgemann, an artist originally from Port Alice, had firsthand accounts of the situation from her conservation officer husband, and she turned the saga into a children’s story called The Great Grizzlies Go Home.

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Salvaging On British Columbia’s Central Coast

By Roy L Hales

As I was waiting for the ferry at Quathiaski Cove, my eyes were drawn to a trailer full of rough planking and an antique floating devise. They belonged to a BC Ferry captain from the Quadra to Cortes run. Randall Warnock spends a lot of time salvaging on British Columbia’s central coast.

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Where Are Germany’s Bears, Wolves And Eagles?

Originally Published in October, 2016, revised Feb 25, 2018.

By Roy L Hales


One of my wife’s fondest memories of Germany is the well maintained trails going through idyllic forests. She was visiting relatives during the late 1960’s and early 70’s. My impressions are both much later, and connected to the development of renewables. After my second trip to Germany, last year, I asked Andreas König, Head AG Wildlife Biology and Wildlife Management at the Technical University of Munich, where are Germany’s bears, wolves and eagles?

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Plant Species Defending Themselves Against Deer

By Roy L Hales


The European arrival in British Columbia resulted in an explosive growth of the deer population. This is particularly true in the Gulf Islands, where there natural predators (cougars, bears and wolves) have virtually been eliminated. Deer populations can be as high as 170 animals per square-kilometer. Now there are reports of plant species defending themselves against deer.

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