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Mission or market? Churches are not always on the right side of the housing crisis.

Editor’s opinion: I believe Christianity needs to be ‘reborn’ in a form more palatable to the 21st century. I do not know what this would look like, but suspect it will be substantially different from what we see now, at least in its outward forms. At the moment, there are probably more Christians outside of the Church than in it.

By Sidney Coles, Capital Daily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The fiscal reality that churches are increasingly less viable solely as places of worship is repeating itself across the country.  Unable to count on tithes or bums in seats, churches have been either closing their doors or selling off and re-purposing their assets in a land and real estate market only too happy to receive them. And it’s paying big dividends.

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Ann Mortifee: ‘Dreaming I am Ann’

(The first of a series of interviews with Ann Mortifee) 

Ann Mortifee is probably the most famous musician on Cortes Island, which is more of a compliment than it sounds like because there are a lot of talented musicians on Cortes. However from the start of our interview, it was apparent this story was about a lot more than singing. I had this bizarre feeling to lead with the question, ‘When did you start becoming Ann Mortifee?’ 

Her answer came out of the memories of a 4-years-old girl.

AM:  “It happened maybe a hundred times in my childhood. I had the same dream. I’d be standing somewhere looking into a bedroom and there’d be someone lying in the bed. I’d go, ‘Oh no, I’m starting to dream of her again.’ Then I would get this anxious feeling, ‘I’m going to get stuck there in the dream and I’m going to believe it’s real.’ This dream gets more and more upsetting to me. I can feel myself starting to fall asleep and that I’m in a dream.” 

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The Quadra Project: Mythology Repeated

“History repeats itself,” wrote Karl Marx, the 19th century German philosopher and economist, “first as tragedy, second as farce.” Of course, he meant this politically, but it applies mythologically as well, a parallel that requires some explanation.

The most influential historical myth that has shaped Western civilization is the Genesis account of Creation. And, like every myth, this biblical story is a template which we have placed upon a raw reality to give order and structure to a mystery that must be made meaningful by interpretation. Today, our world of scientific objectivism requires this myth to be understood as being metaphorically rather than literally true. However, for nearly 3,000 years, it was understood as an unquestioned account of what actually took place. But, as anthropologists and mythologists now explain, the form and meaning of the story representing this myth was reshaped as the repeated retelling of it mixed with complex historical, psychological and sociological dynamics.

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Two Campbell River Pastors explain how God speaks

One of the core beliefs of the Campbell River Vineyard is that God is speaking to us. There is a Rama Space in their church. People who receive a word, vision or relevant scripture reference can explain to the congregation what the Lord has put on their hearts. So Cortes Currents asked Senior Pastors Barry and Nancy Kaardal, ‘How does God speak to us?’

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Pope Francis Visits Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples in Edmonton

By Paula E. Kirman,  Alberta Native News, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

(ANNews) – Arriving to the sounds of drumming, Pope Francis’ made his first appearance in Edmonton at Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples on July 25th, to an invitation-only audience of about 250 people. 

Pope Francis was welcomed by Fr. Susai Jesu OMI, Pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Associate Pastor, Fr. Mark Blom, OMI, and Elder Fernie Marty, a prominent member of the Sacred Heart community. 

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