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Cortes Natural Food Co-op offers island residents limited number of garden plots

By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from Canada-info.ca

Once again, the Cortes Natural Food Co-op is opening garden plots to residents to grow plants and crops when garden space on the island can be limited.

Up to five garden plots are available in the Cortes Island Natural Food Co-op’s community garden, according to new volunteer garden coordinator Kate Maddigan. With 35 plots in total, she says the Co-op views the space as a great resource for helping with food security and sustainability on the island, where finding an area to garden and grow produce can be difficult.

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SRD deciding how to allocate wood chips

How our local government works

At their last meeting, the SRD Board approved a motion to keep the wood chips created by it’s residential wood debris pickup in rural areas, but have yet to decide how they will be distributed.

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Quadra Island’s Community Garden Plots

Canada’s National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

At first glance, lugging around heavy water containers in a wheelbarrow or pulling weeds under the hot mid-day sun may not seem a rewarding pastime during the pandemic.

Surely weathering the COVID-19 crisis is tough enough? Why add to the burden?

But for Heather Kent, the returns from her Quadra Island, B.C., community garden plot are ample — and measured by more than just what she harvests for the table.

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What CCEDA Is Up To

The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) allots Cortes Island a budget of $25,000 to be dispersed among the island’s non profit sector. Up until this year, the Regional Director has accepted applications and passed them on to the SRD Board with a recommendation as to how the money should be divided. At the April 28th virtual community meeting, Regional Director Noba Anderson announced that Cortes Island’s non-profit sector would collectively decide what the recommendations should be. After that, the community meetings became a platform on which different organizations described their vision. The non-profit’s participatory budgeting process ended prior to Tuesday, May 26, when Adam McKenty and Loni Taylor explained what CCEDA is up to.   

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