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A Vision For Cortes Island’s Political Future

By the time you hear this, everyone on Cortes Island will have received a newsletter from their Regional Director (or read it on the Tideline). I found it left me with more questions than answers. So I asked Noba Anderson to explain her vision for Cortes Island’s political future.

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What is going on within the SRD?

Cortes Island’s Regional Director, Noba Anderson, has been under attack throughout 2019. The first that many of us heard of this was probably in January, when one of the silliest lawsuits ever was filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. I almost felt sorry for the plaintiffs’ lawyer on June 10, as he sat in court listening while the random gossip that his clients brought forward as evidence was torn apart.

He did not dispute a single argument, and in fact filed a joint submission with the defendants’ lawyer admitting there was no basis for the allegations made in his clients’ legal petition. The only excuse he offered was that his clients “were put up to it.” He did not say who was the real instigator of the legal petition; but we know that something odd has been happening within the Strathcona Regional District Board for more than a year, in addition to partisan shenanigans on Cortes Island. Are the two somehow related? What is going on within the SRD Board?

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Cortes Island’s New Alternate Director

Most Cortes residents probably know Cortes Island’s new Alternate Director through the Community Forest, or the Food-Co-op Cafe. Given all the political shenanigans of recent months, some probably wonder why anyone would want to represent this island. So who is this mysterious young woman? I recently had an opportunity to interview Corry Dow at her home on Gunflint Lake

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Noba Anderson Responds To SRD Censure

The following story contains personal opinions which are not necessarily shared by the Cortes Radio Board, staff, volunteers or membership.

On October 30, 2019, the Strathcona Regional District published notice, the Tideline, that they had censuredCortes Island’s Regional Director. Noba Anderson is accused of releasing information which very few – if any – of us have ever seen. I have seen and reported on a heavily redacted copy of one of these documents, which you can find on the SRD website, but Chief Administrative Officer David Leitch emphatically told me that was not what they were talking about. The SRD will not state who Director Anderson is alleged to have shown these secret documents to, or how they found out about it. Mr Leitch asked me to “please respect that the Directors cannot speak any further to the details of the concluded censure process and that future emails containing speculative questions looking for answers cannot be responded to.” Last night I obtained Noba Anderson’s response to the SRD censure, which she has also published on the Tideline.

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Ambush vs Engagement: How SRD Deals with Cortes Island

(EDITORIAL…. This article is a footnote or digression to the feature article “Confidentiality vs Secrecy: A Slippery Slope“. However, it also can be read on its own.)

Here’s an example of what I would call downright peculiar (when describing SRD’s dealings with Area B, Cortes Island).

When Craig Peterson (private investigator hired by SRD) suddenly arrived on Cortes Island in the New Year, he was quite open and frank about his mission here. He said he was here “to investigate the charges against Director Anderson.” For many islanders, it was the first they’d heard about any allegations or charges against our Director.

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