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You Are Not Anonymous

By Roy L Hales

In a city like Vancouver, someone can post anonymous attacks with some assurance their identity remains secret. Cortes Island is smaller. When I read attack posts, I automatically associate them with specific individuals. Two or three names immediately come to mind when there are references to phone calls or emails to a certain neighbouring Regional Director. They have a tiny group of associates, who may also be involved. Only one name comes to mind when I see those silly little cartoons in the Cortes Marketer. (BTW – I would much rather see those cartoons than find out “they” are trying to use another law or regulation against a neighbour.) I have a message for the perpetrators, you are not anonymous. 

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Electoral Service Committee Did Not Acknowledge Cortes Island’s Grant-In-Aid Applications

By Roy L Hales

An item is missing from the May 8 minutes of the Strathcona Regional District Board’s Electoral Service Committee. There is no reference to Cortes Island’s Grant-In-Aid Applications, though they were on the agenda. This was the result of a conscious decision made by three of the four Regional Directors (Jim Abram, Brenda Leigh & Gerald Whalley). The Electoral Service Committee did not acknowledge Cortes Island’s Grant in Aid Applications.

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The Legal Petition’s Factual Errors

The following article is a personal opinion not necessarily endorsed by the Cortes Radio Society, its board, DJs, or general membership. 

By Roy L Hales 

I found Director Brenda Leigh’s attack on the Klahoose Nation’s application for a Grant In Aid, at the April 25 Strathcona Regional District Board Meeting, disturbing. She actually said the Klahoose should be barred because their Chief contributed to the GoFundMe campaign launched after Bernie Anderson’s cabin burned down in January 2018. Leigh claims that last year, ” A lot of Grants in Aid … went out to people who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign.” Despite its almost total absence of supporting evidence, Ms Leigh appears to endorse the Legal Petition which fourteen Cortes residents launched in hope of removing Director Noba Anderson (Bernie’s daughter and legal guardian) from office. As the same arguments are likely to reappear in the next round of Cortes Island’s Grant in Aid applications, it is time to review the Legal Petition’s factual errors.

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