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Museum Hosts Valentine’s Day Event: Love Letters

The Cortes Museum and Archives is collaborating with Folk U to offer two events in honour of Valentine’s Day, on the theme of Love Letters. On February 11th (Sunday) from 1-4pm, Jane Newman will host a “love letter writing workshop” featuring both writing and collage art. On February 14th from 7 to 8:30pm, Oriane Lee will host an evening of love letter readings, including some from the Museum archives. Both events are free, though donations are always welcome. People interested in participating in the readings on the 14th should contact jemma@folku.ca.

Roy Hales interviewed Melanie Boyle (the Museum’s Director) and Jemma Hicken (the event organiser) about their collaboration to offer the community a new Valentine’s Day event.

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Literary Afternoons at Linnaea

Seniors Helping Seniors, in collaboration with the Cortes Museum and Archives, is once again presenting a series of monthly Literary Afternoons this winter. These events, at which local authors read their work, will be held on the last Sunday of each month at 2pm in the Lakeview Room at Linnaea Farm. The last two Literary Afternoons for this winter will be on January 28th and February 25th.

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The 2023 Christmas Bird Count

The Cortes Island Museum has been sponsoring two birding events every year for the past two decades.* 2,873 birds were seen during the 2023 Christmas Bird Count, but this number would have been much higher if there were more participants. 

“We can only go to a certain number of places where we know there will be birds, and that’s mostly along the coastline,” explained Laurel Bohart, a keen birder as well as co-curator of Wild Cortes.

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Doug McCaffry’s Heaven: Coffee and Films

 The first time many Cortes Island residents heard of Doug McCaffry was when he and his wife, Melanie, took over Becca’s beans. Prior to that they were living in central Saanich.

“We came  for a vacation. It was a beautiful August, and I’d always wanted to come to Cortes.  I thought, ‘hey, just for fun, let’s look at some real estate.’ The place we’re at now had just come up for sale and came with  the optional coffee roastery.  I thought, ‘well, I love coffee, let’s learn coffee roasting.’  It all happened so fast. Two of the things I love most in life, coffee and film, and I’m in heaven,” he explained.

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A Vintage Christmas at the Museum

 “There’s never a dull moment in Whaletown,  but during December, things seem to have reached a ‘crescendo fortissimo compassioné,’ and I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. The first week began reasonably enough with two residents in Vancouver and Victoria hospitals for mental treatment. A cat named Jill was run over by a bulldozer, a couple of private parties, and the start of another feud.” – Gilean Douglas’ 1953 Christmas letter.  

A collection of Douglas’ letters and her gilded Edwardian postcards will be part of the open house. 

“People are welcome to come, find a spot,  get a letter and read through it. See what was happening on Cortes Island back in the day,” explained Melanie Boyle Managing Director of the Cortes Island Museum.  

“This Saturday,  December 9th, between 11 AM until 4 PM, the Museum is running what we call Vintage Christmas. We thought it would be wonderful to offer another community space while the shoppers are down in Manson’s for the Holiday Fair.”

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