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Grant Writing Workshop for Cortes Island Social Profit Groups

On February 12th at the Mansons Fire Hall, Sandra Wood and Kate Maddigan hosted a grant writing workshop for social profit organisations on Cortes Island.  Kate and Sandra have considerable experience in grant writing; they offered guidelines, tips, and advice for those seeking funding. 

The event was organized by Andrea Fisher, of the Cortes Island Community Foundation, and sponsored by the Social Profit Forum, and attended by representatives from the Art Gallery, DCC, BetterAtHome/SOS, Cortes Currents, CIFA, CICF, FOCI, CCEDA, CHS, and SCCA.

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Climate Adaptation workshop on Cortes Island

Around 60 representatives from social profits on Cortes, Quadra, and a number of the other islands recently gathered at Hollyhock. One of the breakout sessions was on climate adaption. Cortes Currents subsequently met with Max Thaysen, facilitator of that workshop, as well as Bruce Ellingsen, a participant.  

“I was asked to host a conversation about climate adaptation, which we expanded into climate mitigation, stopping the pollution that’s causing the damage and adjusting our systems and life ways to be able to tolerate the pollution and the damage,” explained Thaysen.

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2023 Cortes Social Profit Gathering

Originally published by the Cortes Foundation

A woven tray of fresh flowers is making its way around the circle of 50 or so participants in the Social Profit Gathering held mid-June on Cortes Island, BC. Co-organizer Manda Aufochs Gillespie (Cortes Island Community Foundation, Folk U), has kicked off the day with an address to this land that has continued to provide for human communities since time immemorial. Everyone is invited to take a colorful bloom and connect to this place by holding a piece of it. The other invitation is to co-create the day ahead, building onto the scheduled agenda with collective knowledge, ideas and experience.

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Cortes Island matters at EASC’s Inaugural Meeting

A number of Cortes Island matters were discussed at the new Electoral Areas Service Committee’s (EASC) Inaugural meeting. This is a special committee made up of the four Strathcona Regional District rural directors and the first stop before their concerns are brought before the full board. The initial discussion of Cortes Island’s proposed Grants in Aid; a Whaletown Community Club request for funding to install a wheelchair ramp at the Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery; and a proposed staff report about liveaboards: were all on the agenda today. As expected Gerald Whalley, the only director to have previously served on the Board, was elected Chair. The big news is that Cortes Island Director Mark Vonesch has been elected Vice Chair.

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Cortes Foundation obtains $100,000 grant for Cortes charities and nonprofits 

The Cortes Foundation just signed an MOU, which opens the way for it to receive $100,000 in funding for Cortes Island charities and nonprofits.

In today’s interview Mark Spevakow, Chair of the Cortes Island CommunityFoundation, and Executive Director Manda Aufochs Gillespie explain how this will work.

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