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Mosaic/IT Open House at Gorge Hall

On Tuesday May 17th, a group of Mosaic (Island Timberlands / TimberWest) employees travelled to Cortes Island to host an “open house” at the Gorge Hall. They set up displays indoors and offered a casual one-on-one discussion period from 10AM to noon; at noon, they made a formal presentation which — thanks to improving weather — was held outdoors for better Covid safety.

Mosaic’s displays inside Gorge Hall

Mosaic’s plans to resume industrial logging on Cortes Island are controversial and have already inspired a petition-style letter and a series of community meetings. Mosaic has received significant feedback from the community challenging their cut plan on various grounds, including location (cutting within the boundaries of sensitive ecosystems) and extraction rate (several times the rate recommended and practised by the Cortes Community Forest).

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The Quadra Project: Tree Huggers

Marina Abramovic is an internationally known performance artist. She teaches her fans “art pieces that experiment with time, metaphysics and the human body.” These creative exercises, which are instructions in “endurance, concentration, self-control and willpower” are intended to “reboot your life” (Guardian Weekly, 18 February, 2022). In 2020, she convinced a group of volunteers to try tree-hugging as an antidote to the isolation caused by the Covid pandemic.

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BC Cuts COVID Restrictions. Critics Say It’s Dangerous

By Moira Wyton, The Tyee, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

British Columbia will drop its major remaining COVID-19 protective measures Friday despite modelling suggesting a sixth wave could send 100  new people to hospital each day by mid-May.

Provincial health officer  Dr. Bonnie Henry also said today that second booster shots will be  available to older and vulnerable people to boost waning immunity.

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Just a day in the lab seeking COVID in sewage

By Morgan Sharp, National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The laboratory in a downtown Toronto university building is under construction, its emergency wash station getting an upgrade, but the daily testing of incoming wastewater samples for COVID-19 goes on unabated.

Samples arrive in Nalgene-sized bottles from sites all over the city — large treatment plants and community and congregate sites, such as university residences, shelters and long-term care homes — and Nora Dannah has to walk down to shipping and receiving to collect them.

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