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Important information for seniors & people with medical conditions

Campbell River, BC – Because older adults, and people with medical conditions are at greater risk of serious illness from COVID-19, the Strathcona Regional District and City of Campbell River are sharing important information to help keep community members healthy.

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BC Ferries On The Front Line

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Besides being on alert and feverishly working to stem the spread of germs, COVID-19 is cramping BC Ferries worker Helene Lepage’s style.

“I can’t sing at work anymore,” Lepage said with a wistful laugh. “I’m in theatre. And, no kidding, you can throw spit 25 feet away, easily, with a passionate soliloquy.”

The outgoing, gregarious terminal attendant on Quadra Island has had to rein it in during this new era of physical-distancing.

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Does the SRD Deliver?

The headline caught my eye. ‘SRD Delivers’ is a play on words, for a program meant to assist “with grocery shopping, the delivery of food, prescriptions and other essentials for the benefit of the elderly (65+) and other vulnerable persons who must self-isolate in accordance with Public Health Orders.” However, could there also be a deeper meaning – does the SRD deliver? 

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