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A new route from Sechelt to Lund: for humans, not cars

Editor’s note: It has been close to two years since Sue Bossley informed Cortes Currents that, as a result of the new water taxi service connecting Lund and Cortes Island, it was now possible for cyclists to pedal from Powell River to Lund, over Cortes and Quadra Islands to Campbell River, down to the Comox Ferry and back again. She called this the North Salish Cycle Route. (While Cortes Island is no longer listed as a regular destination, Access Point Marine Transportation does offer charter services. QXMC’s water taxi, Goat 1, has been sequestered to support the Klahoose Wilderness Resort from May until mid October, but is also available for charter in the off-season.) The story that follows takes this idea a step further, with a proposal to install cycling infrastructure on the route south from Lund.

Originally published on qathet Living

For the past few years, Sunshine Coast Tourism has been working on a plan to connect Sechelt to Lund with a safe, efficient route for cyclists, pedestrians, people using mobility scooters, and other folks choosing active transportation. It’s for commuters, tourists, and anyone who wants to enjoy the coast outside of a vehicle. 

In January, GJD Planning released the project’s second report. It breaks down the coast into 20 segments, and proposes infrastructure for each one. It also proposes which segments should get top priority. And, it notes that this will cost about $4 million per kilometre. 

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The North Salish Cycle Route

The ‘aha moment’ for Sue Bossley arrived last Fall.  Her employers,  the Access Point Marine Transportation Group, started a water taxi service between Lund and Cortes Island. This bridged the final gap in a what was now a continuous loop running through Powell River, Cortes Island and Campbell River. The North Salish Cycle Route was born.  

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