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Indigenous history with Canada

By Kelsie Kilawna, The Discourse, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

IndigiNews investigates the complex problems facing Indigenous Peoples. Our journalists intend to set the table for honest conversation between people who have never walked in each other’s moccasins. We believe that journalism is a tool that can build bridges.

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To Demonstrate Their Ownership Of Madii Lii

By Roy L Hales


It has been fourteen months since the Luutkudziiwus chiefs declared their land closed to all LNG traffic and other unauthorized industrial activity. Hereditary Chief Nola says Madii Lii camp was built to “stop the injustice that is being perpetrated on our people.” In the face of aggressive actions spearheaded by the government of British Columbia, the house of Luuktkudziiwus needed to demonstrate their ownership of Madii Lii.

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